The Cogworks is proud to announce the second Umbraco Poland Festival in

Kraków at Stara Zajezdnia

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Whether you’re a coding novice or an Umbraco Wizard, this is the place to learn, share, and meet with the best and the brightest in the community.

This September, The Cogworks is bringing the full force of Umbraco to Poland with the second Umbraco Poland Festival.

Here is a little taster of what you can expect:

Meet with the Umbraco core team

Talks from Umbraco experts

Workshops and Q&As

Super cool Umbraco goodies

After party (because what is a festival without an after party?)

After the day, I learned that Umbraco is open source and written in .NET and my colleague and I love .NET! I definitely want to switch to Umbraco now.

It’s good stuff to see Umbraco establishing in Poland.

Piotr Majak

Scrum Master for the Reckitt Benckiser Digital Team

I work in a slightly different area, but each presentation was interesting and I would like to now add Umbraco to my professional life.


Niels Hartvig

Festival Keynote

Umbraco Founder & Chief Unicorn Niels will be presenting the keynote at this year's Umbraco Poland Festival. His talk will cover the latest news about Umbraco 8, the Umbraco Cloud, and Umbraco HQ updates. 


Ondrej Pialek

Implementing effective A/B Testing in Umbraco with uSplit

Websites are built but never done. Keeping your site relevant and making sure it delivers on its mission is an ongoing process. Be it conversion rates, engagement, or simply ease of use, A/B testing is a popular technique to identify improvements to your site that make the most impact.


Søren Spelling Lund

Get There Faster with Umbraco

Accelerate your development and get more done by sharing your own codebase with yourself.

Through practical examples and principles you’ll learn how you can structure your projects, write your code, and create reusable components, so you focus on the fun part of your projects.

Learn the art of speeding up by slowing down and break the eternal cycle of rewriting and replatforming your solution over and over again.


Wojciech Tengler

Memcached – alternative caching in Umbraco

Memcached is well known high-performance distributed memory caching system. It is currently used by popular hight-traffic systems becaused has a lot of advantages. We can bring Memcached in Umbraco to improve macro caching. I can show how to do it in the simplest way with additional helpful things.

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Paul Marden

Use case: Umbraco powered Intranet for Harwoods Group

Harwoods Group is a large automobile dealership with franchises across a number of premium brands including Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover and Audi.


Ismail Mayat

Teaching an old dog new tricks. Clean code - principles, patterns, and practices

A quick summary of what I learned attending 3 day clean code course with the legendary Uncle Bob Martin


We’ll be seeing you at Stara Zajezdnia in the center of Kraków, close to the Kraków Główny Train Station. The after party will be held at the same venue for your ease and convenience.

We will be offering Umbraco Searching and Indexing with Examine Training. The course will be conducted in Polish and available to Polish residents only. Please purchase tickets separately. 

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