Umbraco Festival PL

October 4th 2019

The Umbraco Poland Festival is returning to Kraków for the fourth edition, hosted by The Cogworks.

Join the tech world's friendliest community this October for a festival packed full of Umbraco goodness. Whether you're a developer, project manager, designer or you just want to learn more about what Umbraco has to offer, there's something for everyone.

The Umbraco Poland Festival showcases talks from a selection of experts in their field and gives you the chance to meet with some of the best and brightest in the community, including the core team. And it all happens between an unmissable pre and after party, against the backdrop of the incredible city of Kraków. So, see you there?

Speakers and Sessions

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Rune is the Product Owner for the D-Team at Umbraco HQ. He is responsible for maturing projects and features prior to implementation and improving communication on development efforts. Favorites: Pour-over coffee, hoppy IPA and discussing all things Umbraco.

  • Introduction
  • Business
  • Insights
  • Rune Strand / Product Owner / Umbraco HQ
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Adventures with Alexa

Poornima is a Umbraco MVP and a part of the Pull Request Team. She is a Umbraco Master and a freelance developer. She has been using Umbraco for over 7 years. When away from her desk she spends most of her time with her daughter. She loves reading and singing.

  • Headless
  • Alexa Skills
  • Umbraco
  • Poornima Nayar / Umbraco MVP
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Convey - A Simple Recipe for Microservices

Dariusz Pawlukiewicz (to the left) and Piotr Gankiewicz (to the right) are both Microsoft MVPs, Bottega IT Minds trainers and full-stack software engineers, respectively in EG and Nethermind. They enjoy spreading the knowledge by speaking at conferences, recording online courses and building the open source projects.

  • .NET Core
  • Microservices
  • Architecture
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10 Tips to Make Your Editor Love You

Fedosja is Digital marketer & project manager at Perplex Digital in the Netherlands. She has been working with Umbraco for 7 years and as a woman in a man's world, Fedosja finds it very important to use a feminine touch for the greater good of editors. It is her personal goal to create the ultimate editing experience for all editors who use Umbraco.

With this talk, I would like to share 10 concrete tips that every designer, developer, and marketer can understand and can apply to an Umbraco installation. Last May, during Codegarden 18, one of our digital projects (, knowledge platform for lawyers) won the award for Best Editing Experience and I would love to share my insights, learnings, and tips.

  • Editor's Experience
  • Umbraco
  • Backoffice Extensions
  • Fedosja van der Lee / Digital Marketer / Perplex
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Umbraco and Elasticsearch - Drama with happy ending!

My story of preparing Elasticsearch provider for Examine, comparison with other implementations, what I learned from v7 and why I decided to abandon that project on v7. What was changed in v8 and what still needs to be changed? Why I was going crazy when working on that, my failures and successes on the way to create a POC of Novicell.Examine.ElasticSearch package.

Despite his young age, Arkadiusz has 9 years of experience as software developer. For almost 7 and a half years he worked mainly with WordPress and PHP-based software. He was an administrator of the official Polish support team of phpBB forum software over 4 years. He was given the opportunity to work at Microsoft’s Polish offices as a Junior .Net Leader, which involved lecturing and demonstrating to students. In Novicell he is working with Umbraco, Sitecore CMS and Elastic Search solutions. Arkadiusz is based in Novicell's London office and he is involved in the Polish and London Umbraco communities. In his spare time, he loves reading books and developing himself. He follows the rule “work hard, party harder”.

  • Searching & Indexing
  • Extending Umbraco
  • .NET
  • Arkadiusz Biel / Software Developer / Novicell UK
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Dealing with a burning bag - technical projects in crisis

I am currently directing a microagency after about a decade of working in software, the past 4 with Umbraco. I mostly worked as a Software Engineer but now manage and assess projects as well.

The talk stems from this article: In the talk I would like to cover some of the following subjects: Assessing the project (should I do it?), Assessing the condition of the team (who can do it with me?), restoring order (creating the environment to do it), deciding on the route to delivery (how to do it), Resilience (maintaining your ability to do it) and perhaps the handover (you do it now).

  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Interdisciplinary
  • David Battersby / Software Engineer / Tree Snake
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The tools of our trade - Lifehacker, Umbraco edition

Umbraco Core nerd and community steward. Chief Tinfoil Hat Officer. Beer geek (and amateur brewer). Audiobook and podcast addict. Loves live music. A bit of a science nerd.

Do you get that itch, when you see someone doing something on their computer that takes ten times longer than necessary, just because they haven't learned that one productivity tip yet? - Happens to me ALL the time! Are you unhappy with the time it takes you to do seemingly simple things when developing websites? This talk is for you! Are you super productive already? Then this talk is also for you - you'll learn something new, guaranteed! Over the years I've peeked at other hundreds of people's screens while they were working, while pair programming and pair debugging, doing training exercises, creating pull requests, etc. This is pure gold, I learn a lot about the tools that other people use and sometimes I get to impart some wisdom on my screen-buddy. This session will be chock-full of things I learned over the past 20+ years. We'll start our journey with a super smooth Visual Studio debugging set-up, then some tools that will make your experience working with, and contributing to Umbraco a lot better. From that point on we'll need to spin the wheel of fortune, since there are too many other subjects to cover to fit into a single session! Intended audience: Umbraco implementors / contributors from any experience level.

  • .NET / Visual Studio
  • Development
  • Umbraco
  • Sebastiaan Janssen / Head of PR (Pull Requests) / Umbraco HQ
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Sustainable Community Contributions

Callum Whyte is a 2x Umbraco MVP and Certified Master. As one of the baristas who brings you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee (live every Friday!) he lives and breathes the world of Umbraco. When he’s not building excellent Umbraco solutions, Callum is busy spreading the Umbraco love. He’s an active contributor to the Umbraco Core and to many community packages, as well as a regular speaker at Umbraco meetups and conferences all over the world! Away from his desk you can find him out in the wild organising Umbraco community events; hosting the Umbraco London meetup, organising the Umbraco UK Festival, touring the world with Umbraco Roadshow, and flipping burgers in the summer for the Umbraco BBQ.

Want to get more involved in your community but don't know where to start? Want to take your contributions to the next level? Coming from being a passive community member to speaking at 25+ events all over the world in 2018, I'll share my personal tips and experience of how to get more involved, convincing your boss, funding your travels, and most importantly discovering the right balance between work and family to avoid burnout. We'll discuss the many different ways of contributing beyond coding - including ways for people who aren't developers to get involved - and how convincing others to share more is vital for communities to grow. Finally, we'll look at some real-life evidence of how contributing can make us better at our jobs, and better people as an added bonus.

  • Contributions
  • Self-Development
  • Open Source
  • Callum Whyte / Umbraco MVP x2 and Certified Master
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A Comparison of Umbraco Patterns and Practices

There are common patterns and practices when it comes to implementing Umbraco solutions. If you take a poll of Umbraco community, we find that opinions are typically split down the middle. In this presentation we will discuss the pros and cons of popular patterns and practices, both in the backoffice and in coding architecture.

  • Architecture
  • Clean Code
  • Umbraco
  • Anthony Dang / Technical Director / Radley Yeldar
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UmbraCoffee LIVE!

Good news! You don’t have to miss out on your weekly #umbraCoffee fix! We are bringing it directly to you, live from Umbraco PL Festival's stage.

  • News
  • Community





Intro + H5YR Good Morning!



Rune Strand / Product Owner / Umbraco HQ


Coffee Break!


Sustainable Community Contributions

Callum Whyte / Umbraco MVP x2 and Certified Master


Convey - A Simple Recipe for Microservices

Piotr Gankiewicz & Dariusz Pawlukiewicz /



Grab some food and enjoy chatting or chilling out until 13:15


umbraCoffee LIVE!

Alongside lunch our #umbraCoffee baristas Marcin and Callum will be serving a piping hot helping of the latest community news and interviewing some special festival guests on the main stage, which will all be streamed LIVE on YouTube!


10 Tips to Make Your Editor Love You

Fedosja van der Lee / Digital Marketer / Perplex


Umbraco and Elasticsearch - Drama with happy ending!

Arkadiusz Biel / Software Developer / Novicell UK


The tools of our trade - Lifehacker, Umbraco edition

Sebastiaan Janssen / Head of PR (Pull Requests) / Umbraco HQ


Coffee Break!


Adventures with Alexa

Poornima Nayar / Umbraco MVP


Dealing with a burning bag - technical projects in crisis

David Battersby / Software Engineer / Tree Snake


A Comparison of Umbraco Patterns and Practices

Anthony Dang / Technical Director / Radley Yeldar


Closing announcements, drinks, goodbyes, hugs...


After Party!



  • Admission to the main festival with a whole day full of knowledge about: Umbraco, .NET, Open Source and more!
  • Excellent speakers and community representatives from across the Globe
  • Professional and pleasant location - Browar Lubicz
  • Lunch & refreshments (bottomless coffee!)
  • Exclusive PL Fest merch & goodie bag + more surprises! (stay tuned)
  • Entry to the legendary pre & after-party!
  • *First 80 people will receive a free ticket for a Boat Party starting just after the last talk!
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Previous festivals

This year marks the forth Umbraco Poland Festival. If you’ve not been to the festival before or would like a recap of the fantastic talks and sessions we had last year, check out the previous edition!

Take me to 2018
Umbraco Festival


Kraków is a city brimming with history and this year’s venue is no exception. Browar Lubicz, an old brewery dating back to 1840, will provide a unique backdrop to the festival.

Spread across 3 floors (and complete with a steam room to rival HQ’s) it’s definitely worth taking some time to explore it between talks!

ul. Lubicz 17 J
31-503, Kraków

See you there!

By far the best Umbraco festival for bangs for your bucks….from the great talks to the community, I know why Umbraco is called the ’Friendly CMS. If my budget could only stretch to one conference this year, I would pick Poland.

Jonathan Richards

I had an amazing time at the Poland Festival. It’s was a great venue with a lovely group of attendees. It’s clear that Umbraco is set to be a growing force in the Polish web development community. Cogworks did a great job organising a great venue and an awesome pre-meetup social.

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